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Recently Purely Patna launched one of its most innovative projects called <a href="http://purelypatna important” target=”_blank”>Purely Patna Forum .
It is Bihar’s 1st Online Forum . It took the whole team more than a month to research and another one month to execute the launch process . Everything worked out well and today Bihar has its 1st ever online forum .

During the launch process and also after the launch process everyone was asking us whether this forum has some use , how can we be benefited from these forum and what is the use of Patna Forum ?
So , we thought of creating this guide to answer all the questions  .


  1. One of the most important questions that everyone is asking us is , What is the use of Patna Forum ?Well everyone knows what is a forum , even if you don’t you do not need to worry about it .
    Forum is just a place where people share ideas , discuss problems , solve others problems , make new friends and the most important create a community of doers , the thinkers and the one who are concerned about the development of their community , and the same idea of forum is possessed by the Purely Patna Forum . It has many names 😀 some call it Patna Forum some call it Bihar Forum and many others just forum 😛 .
    Well let me explain you what is the use of Patna Forum .
    Patna Forum is a virtual place for discussions on various issues concerning Bihar . It provides a common platform to connect all the schools , colleges , institutions and people across Bihar or Bihari’s across the world to communicate,share ideas ,solve issues , raise questions and the most important join hands to develop Bihar .
  2. How can we be benefited from the Patna Forum ?I will explain this to you with an example.

    Suppose , A person X is coming to any city of Bihar and he is worried about the city he’s visiting and wants to ask people of Bihar about his itinerary , and then he reaches out to the Patna Forum . He then asks his questions , and his problem gets solved out .

    So , this story depicts us how this forum can be used effectively to solve issues .
    We can take many examples . You can be benefited from this forum in many ways .
    Suppose you want to ask people of Bihar about the best coaching in Patna , where’s the best place to eat in Patna , how to reach Bodh gaya and the questions count continues . If some questions are raising in your mind right now or after reading these questions feel free to join the discussion and ask it .

     Ask it here

    We have currently enabled guest posting on our Patna Forum , so that if you are in hurry you do not need to register for the forum and ask your question .

    We will soon be launching the FAQ manual for the use of Patna Forum .
    So , if you have any other questions or queries feel free to drop a line below or
    Start the Discussion  

    So , the ultimate thing is that people can only create a better community only if they can sit and talk and a better community can only be made when people share their ideas , solve other issues and are enthusiastic to develop the community .

    With this idea , lets make the change and   Start the Discussion  


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