New year new dynamics

Its been time while parting in new year. so, how was your new year celebration ? hope you all enjoyed well. with this changing year we all are going to experience new dynamics in every thing in every part of our life may be socially, politically this new year is really a” New year  new dynamics” . Thus by this article we will look at various events that will shape this year.

1)The Bihar elections

The very last phase of this new year is the upcoming political war between the ever increasing BJP and the “Janta Parivaar” .I hope the Janta Parivaar don’t have there election symbol as Lalu’s Parivaar, just joking. The ever increasing muscle tussle fight is due in the month of November as this will be the last chance for the regional parties  to overcome the challenges posed by BJP which is ruling every election these days. This election is also a litmus test for Nitish kumar as this election will define his political career in bihar or elsewhere.

2) The cricket world cup 2015

May be the 2015 cricket world cup is not happening in India or Bihar don’t have any connection with any of the team members but the cricket world cup is a defining moment for the Biharis as whole. The upcoming cricket world cup will bring all the joys and off course I don’t wanted to mention any sorrow to common Patnaites and Biharis. For one whole months T.V will be booked by cricket lovers and there emotion will swing with every ball the bat hits and every single cheers for team India.


3)Infra projects

I will not forget to mention the upcoming infra projects that are currently in construction phase in patna. The main infra projects include The Bihar museum, Bailey road flyover and the convention center these projects are the big tickets for the current government to show the development tag in there manifesto. But while this huge projects are coming the city lacks in basic amenities such as road, street lights and sewage. lets hope somebody will turn there face from luxury to basic necessity.



4)Selection for smart city

Now being city specific , the smart city project is going to be implemented and so there are elaborate criteria for selecting  smart city. Patna is a big city of India so qualifying is not a problem. The main problem is implementing the project in Patna but lets be hopeful.


Besides this new year bring lots of hope within the country and to our beloved city Patna in which we live . May our city get development this year and every dream will be fulfilled . so that’s all from me just wait for New year new dynamics.



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    i want to contribute for patna….

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