City Forest in Patna

Patna is booming with construction these days. During my last stay in patna , it seems to be a huge construction site . But with these constructions is Patna blind folding its eyes towards its natural resources and the marvelous  beauty it has got. Patna has predominantly been a city with no forest no natural beauty but the city has a great potential in the tourism sector by developing its resources to its full . Patna has got the privilege of being the largest river line city, the flora and fauna across the region is unique but is prone to extreme danger because of the reckless construction activity and less care by resident of Patna. I on my own have proposed some sites for to be held as natural reservoir for the city , these city forest are of great value not for wildlife and plants but for our own existence.

Here are some proposed areas for the development of city forest in Patna .

1. The Digha diara region

the Digha diara region lies in the flood ground of Patna. some time ago there were lots of dangerous construction going on there but was stopped by the Uttarkhand calamity. the region is low lying and can be used to develop city forest as nearness to ganges will enhance fish stock in the river as well it can be viewed as a ganges dolphin protected area within city limits. The other main advantage is purity of water content , city forest can enhance the water level in summer months in northern parts of Patna.


2 free project management app.The airport area

Patna airport is very dangerous it is bound to be shut in coming years. Shifting airport and developing Aerocity is the next big thing for Patna but what about the old one? the old one can be developed as a central green region.the nearby Patna zoo and golf club will enhance its location. The place can be developed as open ground for public, or as a Polo ground or as a race course. The foresting of the area is also bound to have serious impact on the daily crisis of Patna . Implanting greenery here will enhance pure water supply, flood control and pure air in the city. Every city in the country have a very large green region


3. The peripheral forest area

the peripheral forest zone is extremely necessary for Patna this system of green building was already implemented in London in the 19th century. The peripheral green region will not only give to flood prone region of southern Patna but also give a relief to people who want to explore nature. These regions can be developed as marsh land and we can bring back those migratory birds that live in the marsh and can boost Eco- tourism around the city. This area will also be act like a green barrier to upcoming industrial zones of Bihta, Fatuha etc.


Patna has already good functional agencies like Tarumita whose efforts are worth appreciating. Tarumitra have achieved marvelous success in developing green reserve in Digha , I will recommend my reader to please visit that Eco reserve . So people how you like my ideas, please let us know your thoughts. you can comment below or can reach me by given contacts…


  • December 31, 2014


    Patna needs larger green lungs to keep the city fit and healthy. Recently Patna has got many new Parks and old one is again ready with new looks. Still only Rajdhani Vatika and Botanical Garden are two really big green patches woth mention. Plans for Greater Patna and Patna World City included larger green belts, which is really a good way to improve city on environmental index.

    Your article is of a great value, keep it up. Only your plan for central green region can only become reality if airport is shut down totally, which appear to be a distant dream. Still central green region with Rajdhani Vatika and Botanical Garden is still good in size, as government is planning to double the size of Rajdhani Vatika.

    • January 1, 2015

      Rishi Kumar

      thank you sir for your support

  • January 15, 2015

    Rajesh Ranjan

    I accidently reached this website and i must admit its an immensely noble effort.
    Rishi,i m at loss of words after reading ur piece.
    Your consciousness towards the future of Patna as a green Mega city is appreciable.I second ur proposals.It would be more beneficial if these suggestions can reach the state authorities concerned, if there is any way at all.
    Thanks for writing an eye-opening piece.

    • January 15, 2015

      Rishi Kumar

      Thanks rajesh ranjan , I am very pleased that you like my article. yes we all want change , change makes everything better thats why patna forum is here register & express

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