4 must visit places on your visit to Patna



So, are you worried while coming to Patna and feel reluctant to come here. Or, are you a person who loves Patna to anything and wants to explore all the happening places of Patna. Well whatever you may be thinking let me tell you that Patna is one of the most living and diverse city all over the country and once you step in here it will give you some awesome memories to cherish for.

So, if it is work or some kind of marriage or anything else that has brought you here, let me take you through the 4 must visit places on your visit to Patna.

1.Patna Zoo

Also known as Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan is located off Bailey Road, Patna. Established in 1969 as a botanical garden and then later opened for public in 1973 as a biological park. This park houses more than 800 animals of about 110 species and has wide variety of trees, herbs and shrubs.


Image Source: http://patnasahar.com/

2. Revolving Restaurant

It is eastern India’s first revolving restaurant. Opened in 2010 is one of the biggest of its kind all over India, and it sits over the tallest tower in the city. The view from the restaurant will completely make you feel mesmerizing. You will experience here both the Gandhi maidan as well as slow breeze of the Ganges. Now, let your imagination do the rest.



3. Buddha Smriti Park

Also, known as Buddha Memorial Park is situated just opposite to the Patna’s prime railway station. Inaugurated by the Tibetan spiritual leader, Dalai Lama houses a central stupa which is a center of attraction for all the visitors. It has a meditation center and also has a museum showcasing Buddhist monastries.

4. Bihar Museum

It is a recently developed piece of architectural marvel spread over an area of 14 acres. In August 2015, it has been partially opened for the public web based project management. Located just near to the Patna high court. If you want to explore Bihar’s rich cultural heritage and diversity this is a must visit place.


And the list is not over yet, you can always visit these youthful places in Patna if you are feeling that you have been involved in the city’s culture too the threshold and want some real shopping and entertainment.


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