International destinations you can visit in under 50,000 from India

We all have our dream destination, and those destinations are never from the country you belong to. Although you may not be able to visit the Paris and the Romes during your time, you can at least try making to another international destination. After reading this article you will realise a travel to Vietnam is cheaper than a travel to Mumbai.


Travelling overseas is something that always remains in the back of our mind but often end up unachieved due to time constraints and personal responsibilities or family obligations. But apart from all those, there is also a misconception that an international travel will leave a huge hole in your wallet, which is not true at all. You can book holiday packages which will take care of your stay there and perhaps transport too if you choose the option. But for a complete budget friendly trip, book it yourself well in advance of the date you plan on travelling. Here are some of the best international destinations you can travel in under INR 50,000 from India.




Vietnam is the cheapest international you can travel to from India. Not only is the country a cheap place to visit, you will get a proper introduction to the culture and flavour of Asia. Everything from their way of life, cuisine, tradition and approach in life is a complete culture shock and new experience you will get. The round flight-trip can be arranged in around INR 15,000 if you book in advance and a decent stay starts from around INR 500 per night! Now how is that any more expensive than an Indian city?




Although Myanmar is nearer than Vietnam from India and offers much lesser than Vietnam does, a travel here is still more expensive than that of Vietnam. Tourism has not yet picked up in this land but the scenic beauty of the place is surely bound to calm down your mind and soul. Their natural beauty is preserved well in this place, which is one reason the country sees a huge number of tourists each year.




The land of beaches, bizarre food, spas and exquisite honeymoon destinations, Thailand is one of the best known holiday destinations in the world. If planned properly, Thailand can be a cheap travel option for you. Like any other destinations, plan your trip in advance and book your tickets much prior to your trip. Use tuk-tuks to go about the city and stay in cheap accommodations. Food is cheap and abundantly available in every part of the country.




Taiwan is a beautiful city known for its stunning beauty. It is sandwiched between the two countries Japan and Philippines. This city is a proper modern city with towering buildings everywhere you look around. Taiwanese food is popular all over the world and you can fill your stomach up shelling just a few bucks on the street. Street food hits its ultimate best here.


So there you have it, the top international destinations you can visit in under 50,000. Plan smart, plan ahead and have a great vacation overseas!




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