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On Sunday evening 11th October 2015 , Bihar CM Nitish Kumar  started an Open question and answer session on Facebook , while he tried to answer most of the questions there were many questions that went unanswered . Purely Patna team has consolidated the conversation for a hassle free reading .


Hameed Rathore Sir you are very genuine person, my question is that what is your point of view about murder of AKHLAQ #DADRI ???

Nitish Kumar Such event should never happen in our country. I hope all concerned those who are responsible to enforce the rule of law will do everything possible to ensure justice to the aggrieved parties.


Priyanshu Pandey We want zero tolerance against corruption.. would you be able to provide a corruption free environment?

Nitish Kumar My track record on handling corruption in my government has been in the public domain. I continue to remain fully committed to do everything that is possible to ensure a corruption free government at all levels.


Rizwan Ansari Namaskar Sir, Ap galiyon k sadko ko pakka karne ki baat to kr rhe hn, lekin Sir ap ye btayen k kya 10 saal kam pad gye apko ye kaam pura krne k lye??

Nitish Kumar In the first 10 years, we have made sure that almost all towns and villages in the state are connected with good quality all-weather roads. However, we realised that the next step is to go within the villages to link them with all-weather road.


Santosh Kumar sir if you become next CM of Bihar then how will you overcome barrier of relationship between state government and central government for further development of Bihar.

Nitish Kumar In a federal structure like ours, there is no reason why the central and the state government could not work together to bring development in the state and the nation at large. We in Bihar in last 10 years have worked with the central governement on all isuues and have ensured devlopement of the state. I do not see any reason why this practice will not happen in future.


Mahtab Alam Bahoot khoob sir mai aapko bihar ka cm ke rup me dekhna chahta hoon

Nitish Kumar With your blessings & wishes – I am sure this day is not far away.


Rabindra Kumar Patel sir I m requested to u please give the main focus in eduction sector for our young upcoming genertion .basically I’m from sasaram there is lack of college for higher eduction so please i m requsted to you please give one engineering college and one polytechnic college in sasaram

Nitish Kumar The government is working towards establishing one Engineering college at each divisional headquarters, a Polytechnic in each district and an ITI in every subdivision. ITIs have been established in all 38 districts including 9 women ITIs at every divisional headquarters. Further, “Avsar Badhe, Aage Padhein” of Nitish Nishchay will ensure to provide the youth with opportunities for higher education in the state itself.


Mashir Chishti U R great sir. My full support is with u, U are role Model Of Bihar

Nitish Kumar Thank you very much for your support and kind words


Anil Kumar Tiwari Sir i want u win the election and crash The bjp proud,and Give the good governance

Nitish Kumar Thank you. Governance with justice will be my agenda.


Shoeb Mohammad Sir, please spread communal harmony, flawless justice to everyone in Bihar as state head as you are doing pl continue to do that.

Nitish Kumar Please be assured, I will.


Roushan Kumar Some people thinking that for development of Bihar its necessary that in center and state same govt should be will u stop this rumor ??what’s ure opinion ??

Nitish Kumar In last 10 years we and many other state governments have shown that for development you need a govt. with a leader, will, vision and to ensure development. In the federal structure like ours, I do not see 2 different parties at the centre and the state as a constraint to development.


Rahul Singh Bihar me rozgari ke baare me aap ne kya socha h.kyunki maximum bihar ke log bahar jate h paise kamane ke liye

Nitish Kumar “नीतीश निश्चय” के सात सूत्रों में से 2 सूत्र, युवाओं को राज्य में ही पढ़ाई और रोज़गार के अवसर प्रदान करने के लिए हैं | यह हैं, “आर्थिक हल, युवाओं को बल” और “अवसर बढे, आगे पढ़ें” |


Naushad Ashraf Private colleges and schools student have bright education options

but what is the plan for government education system where most of the student belong to poverty line having most of them not financial condition good so that they can take tuition or coaching to understand the courses and to stand equal to the private education system.

Nitish Kumar My government is committed to esuring universal access to education with a focus on improving the quality of teaching as well as learning outcomes. As part of my 7 resolves, my government will also be providing subsidized educational loans of upto Rs. 4 lakhs via student credit cards to 12th pass students so that financial constraints are not an impediment to pursuing education.


Prateek Jha What will be biggest challenge before you if you come to power again??

Nitish Kumar Rather than challenge, it would be my aim to ensure that Bihar finds it’s righful place, being among the league of developed states in the country.


Imran Ahmad Sir no doubt you are going to win this election n we indians have full faith in u to save our democracy

Nitish Kumar Thank you for your support !


Shreedhar Dandappanavar Sir I am from hubli karnataka.. i had posted even in last loksabha elections that ur very well deserving to be a PRIME MINISTER.. my god the way u have converted the bihar in ten years is great.. my respects for u sir..

Nitish Kumar Thank you for all the support, Shreedhar.


Siddharth Desigan Don’t have any questions, sir. Just my sincere regards and the best of wishes for the future. I hope the Grand Alliance accomplishes its stated goals under your able leadership, and the people of Bihar, and India, finally have a viable alternative to the politics of division of people and the subtraction of rights and spaces.

We love you, Nitish. Best wishes from Chennai.

Nitish Kumar Thank you very much for your support !


Md Hammad Akbar Sir Plz Answer One Question If U Will Come In Power Then What u will Do For Minority Students

Nitish Kumar All existing support for minority students and others will continue. For youth in general I have outlined 2 ‘sootras’ – “Aarthik hal, Yuvaaon ko bal” and “Avsar badhe, Aage padhein” – as part of my 7 resolves, “Nitish Nishchay – Vikasit Bihar ke Saat Sutra”


Zafar Khan What is your plan for uninterrupted electricity especially rural areas…?

Nitish Kumar In last few years Bihar has seen massive improvement in electrcity situation. Power supply has improved from 700 MW to 3012 MW; per capita consumption from 70 units to 203 units, and more than 96% of our villages have ben electrified. Now as part of Nitish Nischchay – My 7-point agenda for a developed Bihar, in the next 2 years, my government will focus on electrifying the remainder of villages and habitations. Within 5 years, the state government with its own resources will also ensure electricty connection to every household and will ensure continuous electricity supply


Jawed Ahmed I wish all success to you in election. Sir please tell me,whether you are having concrete plan for development and security of Muslims. Due to Centre hate policy we the Muslims are feeling insecure.

Nitish Kumar I always say ‘rule of law’ should prevail for all. In Bihar we have ensured it in last ten years and I will ensure this as long as I am at the helm of the power.


सूर्य प्रकाश सूरज कुशवाहा आप सबसे पहले ये बताये आप लालू के संग मिल के सबसे बरा गलती क्यों किये ?

Nitish Kumar लालूजी के साथ राजनीतिक समझौता आज की वर्तमान परिस्थिति में BJP और उनके साथी दलों को हराने और यह सुनिश्चित करने के लिए है कि बिहार में जो पिछले 10 वर्षों में विकास हुआ है वह आगे भी होता रहे.


Kishan Tiwary nitish sir u r great. watever goes i will be there with u for u…. my full support is with u sir… u r my role model

Nitish Kumar Thank you, Kishan


Shashi Kumar Sir , what will your government do to attract foreign investors , ease of doing business, access to cheap capital, skill development, political stability , law and order improvement, economic empowerment of women and inclusive growth of the society.

Nitish Kumar Nitish Nishchay, Vikas ki Guarantee


Ahmad Rizwan सर बीजेपी गठबंधन के आने से आप थोड़ा कमज़ोर नही महसूस क्र रहे क्योकी जिस तरह से उन्होंने पीएम मोदी का इस्तेमाल किया है बिहार चुनाव में उससे देखकर तो यही लग रहा है कि आप थोड़ा इस चुनाव को लेकर थोड़ा डर गए है।।

Nitish Kumar जब तक बिहार की जनता का समर्थन और आशीर्वाद मेरे साथ है, हमें किसी से भी डरने की ज़रूरत नहीं है |


Akhilesh Sharma Sir since you became CM of Bihar the image of Bihar improved. We are expecting super duper image this time. How do you be able to make it happen?

Nitish Kumar If people of Bihar bless me with the opportunity to continue to serve them, I assure you that I will work tirelessly towards the already outlined development plan for next five years and make sure that our dream of developed Bihar is fulfilled in next five years.


Piyush Ranjan People of Bihar gave you two terms to Rule the State. Why Youth of Bihar will vote for you??

Nitish Kumar In last ten years I have tried to work at best of my ability to ensure development of Bihar. Today the story of Bihar’s development is for everyone to see. I am confident that youth and all others will give their support so that we can fulfil our dream of developed Bihar.


Simranjeet Singh Sir I have questions how will you sort the differences in colliation govt…

Nitish Kumar There is no question of there being any differences. All those party to the Mahagatbandhan have a unified vision for the state of Bihar and we are committed to working towards it.


  • Abhishek Kumar means u support this election is all about forward and backward
  • Nitish Kumar As you can see yourself, there are no differences in the coalition and I am sure this will be the case going foward.



Prahlad Jha What’s your view for upper cast like brahamn,bhumiyaar,rajjput and kayasth,Have you any fear from them???

Nitish Kumar My views about people are not shaped by their religion or caste.


Adi Narayana All the best sir..for ur election..

Nitish Kumar Thank you


Kapindra Kishor Bhardwaj क्या आपको लगता है दलित सवर्णों को बांट कर बिहार का विकास किया जा सकता है?

Nitish Kumar नहीं


Swapnil Barai how would you end caste politics in Bihar?

Nitish Kumar I do not believe in politics which is based on religion or caste.


Rahul Kumar Yadav sir my question to u what are u thinking about ppp model ? Is there is better devlopment policy ?

Nitish Kumar The present PPP development model has failed on many fronts to give expected results in many places, and its high time the country comes up with improved modalities to tap the private sector investments that ensure not only more invesment but justice to all stakeholders.


Kumar Aditya Tiwari sir what steps are u taking to save farmers..?

Nitish Kumar In last 10 years, agricultural sector in Bihar has seen growth rate of 4.3% that is above the national average. My government has now put together an agricultural roadmap for development of agricultural sector in Bihar, which I am confident will give further fillip to this sector and the improve the wellbeing of our farmers engaged therein. Link to the roadmap:


Sunil Kumar Sir i have seen your development of Bihar & i apple bihar voter vote for Nitish jee

Nitish Kumar Thank you, Sunil


Manjeet Kushwaha I want you to win the election But i dislike the candidate of my area

What can i do?

Nitish Kumar Vote for him. As you can help me to become the chief minister only if you vote for the candidate of Mahagathbandhan in your area.


Rajaram Jha I would not ask any question just i wish you best of luck ! the god may with for Bihar’s welfare.

Nitish Kumar Thank you very for your support


Ajmaltash Kamal Sir please disclose the possibility of industries in Bihar as well as about your plan for software park and industrial area.

Nitish Kumar My government has been proactively working to improve the industrial growth in the state of Bihar. In the last ten years the industries in the state have grown by 13.3%. To give a further fillip to the same, we have been demanding a special status for Bihar. Only special status will allow the structral incentive that is needed to attract long term investments that will lead to greater industrialastion and bring in expanded opportunities of employment


Anshul Yadav Respected Sir , Why Mahagatbandhan not released its Manifesto?How people will came to know about your visions?

Nitish Kumar We have released our joint program on 9th of October. Link:


Veejay Kumar We have been proud of you as our Chief Minister…… Hope to see u again on that chair.

Nitish Kumar Thank you, Veejay for your wishes and support.


Ashish Yadav Sir how will u improve .health status of bihar.. .. if u become CM again ?

Nitish Kumar The improvement in health sector in last 10 years has been one of the talking points of the Bihar’s development journey. The state has seen improvemnet on all key health indicators and I am confident that in coming years the situation will get only better from here. We will work to create a robust health system and ensure quality health services to all.


Sazid Ali How to manage your image in entire such a long period of political life because i seeing that no one have issue in this election about your image and governance.

Nitish Kumar Thanks for your kind words. The mantra if any has been to work, and work honestly, and let people be the judge.


Kishan Tiwary nitish sir wat will u frst of all do aftr winning ????

Nitish Kumar


Rahul Kumar Sir what will be your future prioritied or programs to bring reform in education system of bihar.. coz u know sir we need a platform…. when one should think to get more n more higher stds in bihar as well as job opportunities in bihar so that immigration of students in a large amount will stop

Nitish Kumar My government is focussed on improving the quality of education while ensuring continued expansion of facilities to ensure universal access. We are also focussed on establishing new institutions for technical training & higher education. Additionally, as part of my 7 resolves,for those students who have passed Std. 12th, subsidized education loans upto Rs. 4 lakh will also be provided through Student Credit Cards, for which the state will act as guarantor.


Ashok Kumar Sir How will you handle the chalanges from center govt they won’t let you work when you come in power .

Nitish Kumar In past ten years I have worked with a central government of a different party, and Bihar has seen unprecendented growth in this time. I don’t see any reason why there should be any difficulty on that count going forward. In a federal structure like ours, there is enough scope for governments in state and centre even if they are of different parties, to work together in the interest of development.


Nandan Kumar Sir, Cheating in examination have been going on and your government couldn’t conduct cheating free examination?? Good students are in big loss due to this. Why don’t you make your examination cheating free ??

Nitish Kumar My government is committed to improving the education system in Bihar. Fair examination is a part of that, and we are fully committed to that. Such incidents, if any, should be seen as abberations, rather than the pactice.


Ğř Pâvîýãš Bâķŕá बीजेपी से आप बहार निकलकर आपको क्या लगता मन में फायदा या नुकचान् बताये ?

Nitish Kumar I do not see my political decisions in terms of profit or loss. Parting ways from BJP was driven by my ideological differences. With every passing day what I see of the present BJP and Modi government, I am more convinced that I was right in taking this decision.


Vivek Kumar Kya aap bihar me aur universities banayenge aur present universities me quality of education ko aur badhayenge???

Nitish Kumar I am committed to do this.


Amit Tiwari we are supporting you from social media as we love u sir ,,,,,,,,,,my question is kaise aap sab log NDA ke paiso ka jawab de rahe hain….means wo bohot paise kharch kar rahe hain elections me….aap kaise sansadhan juta paa rhe hain…

Nitish Kumar We can’t match the resources of NDA, but we certainly have the support of people like you. As long as the people of Bihar continue to support us, we would not only match NDA but beat them.


Dhiraj Kant Sir if u win then what will you do for sports person….. This is very important question please reply

Nitish Kumar While we have taken some steps to support the sportsmen and improve the sports infrastructure, I have no hesitation in accepting that much more needs to be done in this regard. If people of Bihar bless me with the opportunity to continue to serve them, I assure you that we will do everything possible to further create a supportive enviroment that encourages sportspersons in the state.


N Krishna Siddhartha do u think bihar needs a special package

Nitish Kumar More than any package, we need a special status. Only special status to Bihar will allow the structral incentive that is needed to attract long term investments that will lead to greater industrialastion and bring in expanded opportunities of employment.


Ankit Dubey whats Your Agenda For Winning This Election ??

Nitish Kumar In the elections, I am seeking the support and blessings of the people based on my track record and performance in the last ten years.


Romaan Khan How many seats are you expecting of BigAlliance ?

Nitish Kumar I am confident the people of Bihar will bless the Mahagathbandhan and the we will form the next goverment with overwhelming majority.


Shubham Shekhar Helo sir I want to know will u fight election in other state too

Nitish Kumar Right now the priority is to fight and win the elections in Bihar.


Alok Kumar Lakho berojgar logo ko rojgar dene; Bijlee aapurti me sudhar karne Samaj k sabhi vargo ko sath le chalne k lie aapko Badhai.

Mera pahla prasn ye hai ki aap kab tak Bihar transport me Sudhar Karenge? Bus Stand me kafi gandgi faly rahti hai. Or private bus wale Bihar jane wale yatrio ka shosan karte hai.

Dusra prasn hai ki traffic problem kase door karenge? traffic police ka kam home guard kar rahe hain.

Nitish Kumar In the next two to three years, if elected by the people of Bihar, reforming public transit and the trasport sector in the state will be a priority for us. With growing urbanization, traffic is becoming a problem in most of India. We are working towards the decongestion of traffic. I am confident that in the next few years you will see a tangible improvement in traffic and transit.


Irfan Khan Bihar k Engineering colleges se passed Engineers jo jobless hain unke liye aap kaunsa kadam uthayenge ..? Yuva Class ko kaise sashakt banayenge. Hum aap k saath hain. #BiharPoll #LiveChatWithNitishKumar

Nitish Kumar पिछले दस साल में बिहार में इंडस्ट्रियल ग्रोथ 13.3% से बढ़ा है, लेकिन और बहुत कुछ किया जाना अभी बाकी है. हम इसके लिए प्रयासरत हैं. बिहार में industrial growth और तेज़ी से बढे, नयी industries बिहार में आएँ और रोज़गार के अवसर बढें, इसी लिए हमने बिहार के लिए विशेष राज्य के दर्जे की मांग की है.


Nishant Shekhar 1. आपके 10 साल के काम से सभी संतुष्ट है पर कहीं ना कहीं लालू राज को याद कर भयभीत भी है.. आप इस भय को किस तरह काबू पाएंगे।

  1. अगड़ों और पिछड़ों के वजूद की लड़ाई में बिहार के विकास का क्या मॉडल रहेगा आपका।

Nitish Kumar I have repeated time and again, I am driven by my idea of development with justice and the agenda is to make sure that last 10 year of development continues. Bihar has only one growth model, “Development with justice”.


Ankit Bhagat दिल्ली के मुख्यमंत्री ने अपने ही मंत्री को भ्रष्टाचार के आरोप पर तुरंत पद से हटाया है…एक ईमादार राजनीती !अगर आपकी सरकार बनी,तो क्या आप आप एसी कारवाइ करोगे??

Nitish Kumar Without any doubt.


Aditya Raj Vinya प्रमाम सर,

वर्तमान मे जो बीजेपी सरकार मे दंगे-फसाद,धर्मो के नाम लड़ाई-झगडे़ जिससे की देश की एकता और शांति व्यवस्था खतरे मे आ गाई है.

ऐसे मे हम देशवासियो की आश आप ही टिका है जिससे की देश के टुकरे होने से बचाया जा सके.और आप देशवासियो के अगले पीएम के रूप मे सबसे मनपसंद चेहरे है.

तो क्या आप अपना नाम अगले लोकसभा चुनाव मे आगे करने वाले है.

Nitish Kumar I believe we will show wisdom and maturity to ensure that such incidents don’t happen in future.


राजेश कुमार बिहार में टीचर की भर्ती का तरीका अनुबंध पे है कोई एग्जामिनेशन क्यों नही लिया जाता है |बीएड का कोई फायदा यहाँ नही दिखता |टीचर की गुणवता बिहार बहुत गिर गया है |एसा क्यों|

Nitish Kumar पिछले 10 वर्षों में मेरी सरकार ने अनेकों प्रयत्न किये हैं शिक्षा में विकास लाने के लिए | परन्तु मुझे ज्ञात है कि अभी इसमें और सुधार की ज़रुरत है और जो प्रगति हमने की है, उसे अगले चरण में ले जाने का वक़्त आ गया है | आने वाले समय में शिक्षा क्षेत्र में क्वालिटी में भी सुधार होगा, यह मेरा वादा है |


Enam Alam Sir ,Patna, Muzzafarpur, Bhagalpur me Deemed university khulwa dijiyee, Sharda, Amity university ki trah, k higher education ki problem solve ho Jaye, have you any plan to implement it?

Nitish Kumar Under one of my seven resolutions ‘Nitish Nishchay’, for next five years, we are committed to build more than 100 institutes of higher education in the state, within the next five years.


Ayush Gangaul Sir what r ur views on providing economic. based reservation instead of caste? my so many backward caste frnds also wants this to happen what r ur views on this Respected Sir

Nitish Kumar The country is governed by the constitution which has made provisions for affirmative action on the basis of caste. This system has been put together with great care and after great deliberationIn. In my view, in the present context, this system is apt. But, I am all for inclusive development and the upliftment of those who are economically challenged.


Ritesh Mishra Well done in last two tenure….. Definitely we will win this election…….. Remember we have to unite.

Nitish Kumar Thank you!

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A Budding entrepreneur having love for his city.


  • July 11, 2016

    UK Dwivedi

    Time has shown that Shri Nitish Kumar has remained committed to the development of Bihar. But I am talking about the Bikram Circle in Patna District. Bikram has never witnessed any development right from the trenure of Shri Lalu Yadav till today and Shri Nitish Kumar has also been neglecting Bikram on the development front. Can this be put up to Shri Nitish Kumar to enable me to get his reply plese?

    • July 16, 2016


      Sorry but we are not a bridge of contact between them. We only provide the information which they make public.

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